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Every World War II veteran in Chicagoland is invited to apply to travel with Honor Flight Chicago to Washington D.C. for their day of honor and remembrance. If you are a World War II veteran or know someone who is, please download a Veteran Application* now.

Step One: Complete the applicable Veteran Application form

      • The form contains complete information to guide you through the application process.
      • Our pre-flight screening is designed to help us better ensure your day with us is happy, safe and memorable - for all the right reasons.  When you fill out your application, please provide us with the most complete information possible so that we may ensure your personal comfort and safety.

Step Two:  Submit the completed Veteran Application form

      • Completed applications can be either faxed or mailed to our Chicago office:
Honor Flight Chicago

Attn: Veteran Application
938 West Montana Street

Chicago, Illinois 60614
Fax: 773.289.0909 




*NON-WWII VETERANS NOTE:  We are currently flying only WWII veterans, and will continue to do so until we have flown all WWII veterans who are interested. We will then begin flying Korea War veterans, followed by Vietnam veterans. Veterans from both those wars are welcome to submit applications at this time, although we cannot predict when we will begin flying those applicants.



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