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Honor Flight Chicago was founded to recognize Chicagoland’s World War II and Korean War veterans by flying them all-expense-paid to Washington DC for a day of honor, remembrance and celebration. Currently we are flying WWII and Korean War veterans, but we are accepting applications from Vietnam War veterans for future flights. After we have reached out to all WWII and Korean War veterans who are interested, we will begin flying Vietnam veterans to Washington DC.

Honor Flight Chicago, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was founded by Mary Pettinato, Jeanmarie Kapp, Nancy Kapp, and Suzanne Stanits. These four entrepreneurial Chicago women asked themselves what they could do to honor and thank these heroes, whose courage and determination still echoes down through the years. In February, 2008, they joined forces and made Honor Flight Chicago a reality.

While creating an unforgettable experience for our WWII veterans, the founders have also been profoundly touched and changed by their own Honor Flight Chicago experience—an experience that they hope will inspire others to join us in honoring our veterans. Honor Flight Chicago relies on our more than 700 volunteers who work tirelessly year-round to raise money for the flights and provide veteran outreach, community and school education, public relations, and logistical support.

Without the dedication and commitment of all of our volunteers and donors, we would not be able to deliver on the promise of honouring our WWII and Korean War heroes. We hope you will join us on our mission.

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